Quickworksheets — генератор контрольных листов


Quickworksheets создан в 2010 году, Adelaide, Australia.


  • Make 3 types of worksheet.
  • Store 10 worksheets online.
  • Limited feature set.

Все эти контрольные листы были созданы Quickworksheets. Можно скачать или открыть в генераторе. с помощью которого можно  быстро создать и оформить свой контрольный лист.

Worksheet thumbnail.

Fruit and Vegetables   Open as Word Scramble


Sight Words  Open as Word Shape


Handwriting Practice  Open as Handwriting


Jack’s Day  Open as Sentence Scramble


Animals — Open as Wordsearch
Irregular Verbs —  Open as Matching Triples


Irregular Verbs —  Open as Matching Triples


In the Kitchen —  Open as Crossword


«The Road Not Taken» —  Open as Cloze Test


Beauty, Beautiful or Beautifully —  Open as Fill-in-the-Blank


All About Jeff —   Open as Info Gap Activity


Around the House — Open as Bingo Sheet


Cities and Landmarks —  Open as Multiple Choice


Parts of Speech —  Open as Category Sort


Adverbs of Frequency — Open as Order Sort


Commonly Misspelled Words —   Open as Spelling Test


Churchill Quote —  Open as Cryptogram Puzzle


«The Sick Lion» —  Open as Proofreading


Warm Up ESL Quiz —  Open as Small Cards


Weather — Open as Flashcards


The United Kingdom —  Open as Customisable


Present Continuous Tense —Open as Q & A

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